Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a borough of Baltimore, Maryland. Located in Baltimore City County, Mount Vernon is one of the best places to stay in Maryland. The district offers a dense urban feel, and most people who live there have their homes. Mount Vernon has many bars, restaurants, cafes and parks.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is located north of downtown Baltimore, Maryland. It is one of the city’s oldest districts and was originally home to the richest families in the city. The name comes from Mount Vernon, which was George Washington’s home. In 1815, the original Washington Monument was begun. It became a massive pillar in memory and celebration of the first president of the United States. The pillar is the hallmark of the neighbourhood.

Mount Vernon Hotel

The old Mount Vernon Hotel was built in 1847. It was a mansion belonging to the American Congressman William Julian Albert. In 1867, the mansion was converted into a hotel where Oscar Wilde stayed during his tour in America in 1882. The building is still located at 702 Cathedral Street in Mount Vernon.


According to the 2000 census, 4,520 people lived in the area. Mostly the population consists of 55.3% whites, 33.4% African Americans, 7.4% Asians, 3.1% Hispanic / Latino, 0.2% Indians,, 1.2%

60.4% of the population were employed, 3.5% were unemployed and many students.

About 95% of all residential homes are rental properties. 10.2% of the homes in the area were vacant.


Mount Vernon is close to downtown and has good public transportation that can take you around the area. There are several bus lines leading to the financial district. The Light Rail Line runs along Howard Street, which is in the western part of the area. The Metro Subway runs under Eutaw Street, a block west of it.

Penn Station

Penn Station is served by commuter trains and is one block north of Mount Royal Avenue and across the JFX.

Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

At the corner of the Washington Monument is Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church.

It was built on the site of Charles Howard’s mansion and was intended to serve as a Methodist cathedral. In the southwest corner of the area are three buildings that form the Walters Art Museum.

Stafford Hotel

The Stafford Hotel, built in 1894, is now rented to students at Johns Hopkins University.

Baltimore National Heritage Area

Mount Vernon is part of the Baltimore National Heritage Area. Mount Vernon Place Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 11, 1971.


The public schools are run by the Baltimore City Public School System.

This includes the Baltimore School of the Arts on Cathedral Avenue.

Charter colleges are public high schools that operate under statutes and have been exempted from some of the rules governing traditional public schools. You usually have to go through an application process to be accepted as places are limited.

In 2010, the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (BLSYW) moved into campus. They are a charter high school for girls only. Greater Baltimore previously housed the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) in Mount Vernon. It is not common with new schools in Mount Vernon so when BLSYW came it was the first in over 30 years.