Federal Hill

Federal Hill is one of Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods. It dates back to the 18th century when it was the center of the city’s lively seaport. It was also the hub of industrial growth and hundreds of thousands of immigrants landed there.

Federal Hill


In June 1608, the English colonial settler Captain John Smith sailed from Jamestown up the Chesapeake Bay. Smith reported seeing a “large, red clay bank.” Early settlers in Baltimore called this “big red clay bank” “John Smith’s Hill.”

In 1788, Federal Hill got its name during the parade that celebrated Maryland’s ratification of the US Constitution.

In 1970, Federal Hill was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Federal Hill Park

In the eastern part of the area is Federal Hill Park. The view of the area is incomparable. Federal Hill Park is a fairly small park. In the upper part of the park is a well-kept playground, shaded lawns and surrounding hiking trails.

The park area served as a defensive position for Union troops during the War of 1812 and as a fort for Union troops during the Civil War.

Locust Point

Locust Point is only a short drive away, and there you can visit Fort McHenry, which is best known for its role in the War of 1812, when it protected Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British Navy in September 1814.

Federal Hill

Federal Hill is made up of hundreds of quaint buildings from the late 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

Federal Hill Main Street’s mission is to create and promote a vibrant business district that honours the history of the community. A business district that meets the needs of both residents and visitors.

Federal Hill Main Street

Federal Hill Main Street is a non-profit organization. The organization consists of a voluntary board that represents Federal Hills business owners and residents.

They work to achieve the non-profit organization’s annual goals. Federal Hill Main Street was founded in 2001.

Federal Hill Main Street

Cross Street Market is a historic marketplace built in the 19th century in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland. The original market was built in the middle of the 19th century. The market is open every day and stretches across E Cross Street between Light Street and S Charles Street. The market is a social meeting place and there are twenty privately owned companies.

Every Saturday from May to October, Cross Street Farmer’s Market takes place.

In 1871, the market was rebuilt and got a new structure with two floors. On the lower level there is a market and the upper level serves as a meeting place.

On May 19, 1951, a fire destroyed the main building and the entire market structure. It was closed until November 19 of the following year when they were able to open the gates of the Cross Street Market again. It was then a more modern single-storey building of almost 3,000 square meters. In 2018, it was time for a complete renovation, and in May 2019, the market was visited again.