Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore OriolesThe Baltimore Orioles are a Major League Baseball team from Baltimore, Maryland.


When they started playing baseball in the early 20th century, they were called St. Louis Brown. They were then rivals of the St. Louis Cardinals. In 1954, after being a team for 52 years, they moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles.

The division they compete in is called American Leagues AL East.

The name of the team comes from the Baltimore Oriole as a common bird in Maryland. The bird is black and orange. The baseball team has adopted both the name and the colors after the bird.

Baltimore Orioles

The name Orioles is not a new name for a baseball team in Baltimore, in the 19th century there was a team with the same name that played in the major leagues. Before the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and took that name, there was already a smaller baseball team called the Orioles since the early 1900s.

Before the name change, the St. Louis Browns were not particularly successful. They only had one win in a league championship and that was from 1944.

After the move and the transformation to the Baltimore Orioles, they have won several league championships. They have also won the World Series on three occasions; 1966, 1970 and 1983.

The LOGO & mascot

mascotThe Baltimore Orioles official mascot is a large “Oriole Bird”. It has been the team’s symbol since April 6, 1979. The Mascot of Baltimore Orioles’ mission is to entertain the crowd during the game and its breaks. The Baltimore Orioles logo did not change in 23 seasons. In 1966, the first cartoon bird appeared on Orioles hats. In 1989, the team switched to a more realistic image of the bird.

  • In 1954, Oriole’s first uniforms were fairly simple. Both the home and the road uniform were solid color without patterns with Oriales written over them.
  • 1954-1962, during Oriole’s first nine seasons, they had a realistically drawn bird on their caps. With that logo, they only managed two winning seasons.
  • 1963, the only season in the team’s history that Baltimore did not have a bird depicted on the cap.
  • 1964-1965 a bird was put back on the cap. This time it was a chirping bird.
  • 1966-88, the original cartoon bird was placed on the cap. The logo was adapted several times during the 23 years it adorned the cap.
  • 1989-97, the ornithologically correct bird was produced and put on the cap. The previously drawn bird was replaced with a more realistic one.
  • 1998-2008, The Lifelike Bird who was allowed to sit on Orioles caps for 10 years.
  • 2009-2011, The traditional bird emerged. It did not differ much from its predecessor, it was just slightly simplified. Only white, black and orange, which is the team’s official color, were used on the bird’s image and the bird’s position became slightly more upright.
  • 2012-present, the new cartoon bird is a modernized version of Cartoon Bird that has been used before.
  • Their latest uniform appeared in connection with the logo change on the caps in 2012.The new home uniform was orange.