The Reasons Why Living in Washington DC Can Be a Great Choice and Experience

The Reasons Why Living in Washington DC Can Be a Great Choice and Experience

The nation’s capital, Washington DC, is undeniably truly rich in history and is an amazing melting pot of different cultures. These are only two of the reasons why the place is quite an appealing attraction where thousands over thousands of tourists flock to the city in any given month and many even decide to settle in the US capital.

You can check out the best places to live in DC if you are considering or planning to work in DC or move for good in the near future.

For now, let us take a look at the reasons why living in Washington DC can be a rather excellent choice and experience for you.

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You Can Get to Savor All the Four Seasons of the Year While Living in Washington DC

To savor all the four seasons of the year while living in Washington DC is one of the best things about settling in the historical city.

The weather and the general climate in DC can be anything but boring. You can go out, jog, bike and play sports in the summer just as you can play with the thick buildup of snow amid the biting yet quite pleasing cold of the winter.

Trees and herb turn into a shade of golden burgundy hue during the time of autumn while florets burst, blossom and flourish in the spring.

Things could not get any better as you savor all the four seasons of the year while living in Washington DC.

Living in Washington DC Is Like Reliving and Witnessing History Unfold Before Your Eyes Everyday

With all the historic events that took place in historical edifices and other remarkable sites all over DC, you will be practically reliving a great piece of America’s time-honored history on a daily basis as you walk by museums after museums, embassies, cathedrals, memorials and monuments, the Capitol and the Library of Congress, and of course, the White House.

Living in Washington DC Will Allow for You to Come Across Different People of Distinct Backgrounds as Well as Live Through a Mix of a Variety of Cultures and Subcultures

In DC is where you will get to meet and encounter the diversity of human cultures and subcultures. You will get to chance upon office workers who moved from other states or cities, expatriates who are serving in consular offices, political figures and personas, and practically every person from all walks of life who have decided to make DC their home.

From these people, you will learn so much and definitely gather new friends.

Washington DC Is Close to Outdoor Getaways and Nature Trips

If you want to get away from the DC skyline for a while, only you need to take is a short drive out of the city and you can just dive right in, literally and figuratively, into the lake waters and rivers in Maryland and Virginia. You can take yourself and your friends for some nature trips and trails in these neighboring states and areas.

Living in Washington DC Is Relishing in the Heart of the Country

Living in Washington DC Is Relishing in the Heart of the Country

Washington DC is where significant legislative decisions have been made are and continuously being created and where the country’s leaders convene to govern the United States. This is the reason why living in Washington DC is relishing in the heart of the country.

In DC is where you will truly feel the intensity of political and electoral debates, among other remarkable moments in the history of America. The nation’s capital will truly make your feel that you are indeed part of the US history that is still continuously being written and created.

What You Should Know Before Travelling To Cuba

Cuba, the largest Caribbean island between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is the most sought after travel destination for many people. Unfortunately, up until 2009 it was amongst the most difficult countries to travel for the Americans. This was due to the travel restrictions put in place by President Kennedy in 1960 after Cuba took over U.S oil refineries and refused to compensate them. This squabble that lasted for more than half a century.

Cuba Downtown Shops

Bending the Rules to Travel to Cuba

The ban for Americans to travel to Cuba did not keep off everyone. Courageous and determined Americans still found their way into Cuba. Since the rest of the world still had free access to Cuba, Americans took advantage of this and used other countries as backdoors. For instance, you would first travel to Mexico or Canada, then get a flight to Cuba. Legally, you were required to get a special license which would be granted based on the reasons for your visit. Permitted reasons included family visits, educational tours, and professional reasons.

Travel Freedom at Last

The year 2015 began with exciting news for American travel enthusiasts. On January 16, 2015 the ban on travel to Cuba was dislodged. This means more Americans can now set out to Cuba without bending the rules. Although technically you still can’t travel to Cuba solely for tourism, there are 12 special categories that present a loophole for you to visit and tour Cuba. The 12 categories include; educational activities, journalistic assignments, professional meetings or research, religious activities, public performance, amongst others.

You can now purchase a Cuban Visa online or at the gate when traveling by some authorized flights in the U.S, including Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, American, United, Frontier, and Alaska. As a precaution, you should call the airline upfront for verification.

Denouncing Some Myths about Cuba

A common misconception that people have is that there is a lot of insecurity in Cuban cities. When it comes to safety, any place can be unsafe, depending on how you look after your personal items. The United Nations statistics show that there are less than 5 homicides for every 100,000 people, so it’s safe to say that Cuba is relatively less hostile than most cities in the U.S. In fact, in cities like Vinales and Havana, people don’t even lock up their bikes when running errands.

Cuban National Flag

What to Expect When You Travel to Cuba

The easiest and cheapest way to travel to Cuba still remains traveling from Mexico or Canada. A Cuban Visa from the Cancun airport will cost you about 20$ and the flight costs around 250$. You can book a round-trip flight to Havana (La Habana) from any city in Mexico.

There are two currencies in Cuba, CUC for tourists and CUP for locals. US ATM, debit or credit cards don’t work in Cuba, so you should estimate the whole amount you will need and carry it in cash. You can exchange the currency when you arrive. You also need to purchase a travel medical insurance as your US cover won’t be applicable.