6 Must-Visit Places to Take Your Kids in Baltimore

Looking for places to take your kids in Baltimore? The city is filled with tons of memorable places for people of all ages. Kids will enjoy learning about the past of the city, marine life, arts, sports, ad more. Baltimore is rich in culture and largely preserved to retain the Civil War era.

Here are 6 must-visit places to take your kids in Baltimore.

Ripken Baseball

Known as Harford Country’s pride – the Orioles’ Cal Ripken built a stunning facility for the hometown with its world-class venue. The field offers tournaments, softball and baseball camps along with the Cal Ripken World Series.

Milburn Orchards

Another great place kids can visit is the Elkton’s Milburn Orchards. The place offers a perfect city getaway to explore the great outdoors with a petting zoo, corn mazes, hayrides, and more.

Maryland Science Center

Located in the inner harbor complex, the Maryland Science Center offers exhibits and plenty of opportunities to explore the stars, plants, and wonders of the world. The observatory is free to the public as guests can view the stars and planets.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Located in the Inner Harbor, you will find all the weird and historical exhibit the museum has to offer. There are local items that give the location a unique feel along with a 4D movie and mirror maze that will have you running.

Plumpton Park Zoo

Head to the Plumpton Park Zoo as it offers a unique place to learn about biology, sociology, ecology, geography and more. You can visit the roadside zoo that offers an intimate setting for visitors to view man woodland and jungle animals.

Baltimore’s National Aquarium

Noted as one of the top tourist attractions in the city, the National Aquarium offers a variety of exhibits where you can touch sea creative like jellyfish and moon snails. Visitors will also be able to walk through the shark tank and feel as if they nearly inches away.

What kid-friendly places are you interested in visiting in Baltimore? Do you have any that you can recommend? Comment below and let us know!